Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for 2020/21 are as follows:
School Direct PGCE programmes (PGCE with QTS full time)- 2MMD and G922: £9250
School Direct Tuition fee programmes (QTS full time)- Y049 and B308: £8000

Most trainees apply for a student loan for the tuition fee and they not need a confirmed place on a teacher training programme in order to apply for a Student Loan. You can apply with your preferred choice and you can change details later if required which will ensure that your student finance is ready for the start of your course.

Those paying privately will need to pay in full by December. ELASCITT retains a quarter of the fee if trainees leave before December.

Maintenance Loans

You can also apply for a maintenance loan to help with your living costs while you are on the programme and the amount of Maintenance Loan you can get depends on where you live and study. The maintenance loan will be partly based on an assessment of household income (i.e. your own income and that of anyone you live with e.g. your partner or parents).

You will only start repaying your student loan in April, after completion of the programme and when your income is over £511 a week or £2,214 a month (before tax and other deductions).

Additional Support

There is additional help that you may be able to get, such as Income SupportDisabled Students’ Allowances and Adult Dependants’ Grant.

Please refer to for more information.

You can use the student finance calculator on to estimate the amount of student loan and other funding available to you.

Full-time student

Loan for the 2020 to 2021 academic year

Living at home

Up to £7,747

Living away from home, studying in London

Up to £12,010