Course Entry Requirements

The formal entry requirements are:

  • GCSE grade C or above in English Language, mathematics and science. These qualifications must be awarded prior to application to this programme. Other GCSEs are required to show a good spread of curriculum subjects.
  • A minimum 2.2 honours degree from a UK University or a recognised equivalent qualification.
  • Minimum of 10 days classroom experience in a primary school
  • The applicant’s previous education must demonstrate a good foundation of knowledge to become a competent primary teacher. They must be able to communicate clearly and grammatically in spoken and written standard English.

Applicants who do not hold a English Language, Science or Mathematics GCSE Grade C

If you do not hold a GCSE in English Language, mathematics or science at grade C will need to apply for an equivalence test. We accept equivalency tests from A* Teachers:

Telephone number of A* Star Teachers is 020 7272 7070 and the website is

You will need to pass these qualifications before you apply.

Applicants with Non- British Qualifications

If your qualifications are from a non-UK institution, you must verify their equivalence through the National Recognition Information Centre for the UK (UK NARIC) – Telephone number: 01242 260 010.

You will need to provide written evidence with your application.

Preparing for application

If you decide that you want to apply to train to be a teacher then you must prepare yourself fully for the application process.
To help you prepare you must do the following:

  • Find all your original certificates for your qualifications. If you cannot find them contact the board to get a copy of the original. If you hold qualifications outside of the UK contact NARIC to get the equivalence.
  • Organise a visit to a primary school to gain your 10 days experience. You can do this by contacting Claire James at who will support you with this process.
  • Book your skills tests in Numeracy and Literacy as soonas you have your UCAS number.
  • Read relevant educational publications including the Ti8mes Educational Supplement.
  • Contact your two referees who should be professionals:

Referee 1 – Head teacher or current employer – supporting the application
Referee 2 – University degree professor or other professional

Selection Process

All applicants who submit an application that meets the ELA SCITT requirements, as set out in the application scrutiny process, will be invited to interview day 1. We encourage candidates to pass their skills tests in Literacy and Numeracy before attending the first day of interview. If this is not possible, we do expect candidates to have booked their skills test. Candidates are encouraged to advise us of any Special Needs prior to the Interview days.

Documentation to bring to the interview

Candidates will receive an interview invitation, by email, setting out the following: date, time and venue of the interview day 1. In the letter the applicant will be asked to bring the following documentation:

  • Passport ID, Proof of residency,
  • Degree/GCSE qualifications (or equivalent) certificates. (If candidate does not bring these documents the SD programme leader will ascertain the reasons for not producing them and make a decision on whether they can continue to take part in the interview process)

The format of the interview on day 1 will be:

  • Observe a lesson and write about what you saw.
  • Teach a skill to a small group of adults in 10 minutes providing prepared resources and a plan (This is observed by the interview panel)
  • Write a statement of how well or not the teach a skill was received, whether it met expectations and did the candidates learn the skill being taught. (The interview panel will be looking for the use of grammar, punctuation and spelling skills)

During the above process the interview panel will be observing you to assess the following qualities:

  • Good interaction with other adults
  • Engaging activities to extend knowledge and understanding of others
  • Make the activity ‘fun’
  • Demonstrate presence in the room
  • Communicate clearly and grammatically correct in spoken and written English

If a candidates does not meet the standard required they will not be asked to take part in the formal interview process.

The formal interview will be with a panel of 2 (Headteacher and SD Programme Leader/deputy). During the interview you will be asked a series of questions to demonstrate the following:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the educational issue chosen
  • Ability to interact with the panel
  • Ability to speak with a good standard of English
  • To demonstrate that you are a reflective practitioner
  • Awareness of the importance of effective behaviour management strategies, inclusion and safeguarding.

All candidates will be emailed, within 24 hours, with the outcome of the interview process.

For those applicants who are offered a place on the course subject to Health and Disclosure and Barring Service checks and possibly the passing of the skills tests, they will receive feedback through a development plan. The development plan needs to be completed by the successful applicant and evidence of actions need to be provided on the induction day in July.

All successful applicants will be asked to attend a second interview day at the school where they will either be sponsored or placed as a PGCE trainee for their first placement. This will include a short interview with a senior leader and a lesson observation teaching a class for 20 minutes.

Course Dates for 2016/17

Trainee Induction Day including meeting with their School Based Education
July 5th 2016

Autumn Term
September 5th 2016 – December 21st 2016

Spring Term
January 5th 2017 – 31st March 2017

Summer Term
19th April 2017 – 25th July 2017 (for salaried trainees and July 7th for PGCE trainees)