Our vision is to be an oasis of opportunity and potential for all pupils and trainee teachers

As a partnership of schools, we work together to recruit and train excellent teachers, who are inspired and equipped to continue to develop their teaching and leadership skills throughout their careers.We work with outstanding schools to develop a school led programme to meet the requirements of the Teacher’s Standards.

  • We have online resources to support your development through the programme
  • We have outstanding teachers and leaders who will be your School Based Educator. Their role will be to support and challenge you to develop your practice.
  • We will secure your role as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) and offer you further training to further develop your practice.
  • We offer a PGCE and Masters Accreditations during your training year, NQT year and throughout your career.
  • We offer leadership training as a teaching school to support your career progression – please see www.tollgateteachingalliance.com
  • We offer primary 5 – 11 training. Please see applications for the process of applying.

I have done something good

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